Game of the Creator

                                                                  Game of the Creator

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The history of lacrosse started all the way back in ancient times. It all started with the American indians using wooden sticks and cotton.They played the game for the creator and they did not keep score. The name Back in the ancient times was Stickball. This game was one of the American Indians favorite things to do.


Lacrosse started in the 1400s. Lacrosse in the old days was very hard. They ran across The reservation hiding behind trees and trying not to drop the ball. They did not keep score back then.The game was one of the most known games to the American Indians.

Lacrosse used to be just a male sport. Then later in the 1900s it evolved to a female and male sport. The Sauk and Ojibway Had lacrosse games in Fort Michilimackinac now known as Michigan. The lacrosse pioneers soon evolved the game to all over America. This is one of the many things about the history of lacrosse. 

How do you think the American indians came up with lacrosse?

Why do you think it started as just a male sport?

What do you think was the first American Indian tribe to play lacrosse?


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Yesterday in class we made limericks, these limericks were very funny. Limericks are fun to make and it was fun making a lot of them.  Limericks sound hard to make but are actually easy. They are rhyming poems that have a certain flow (AABBA). These are some of the limericks I made.


There once was a man

and his name was dan

who liked to color

his crayon was duller

but he choked on the crayon



There once was a person named mat

he was very very fat

he ran into a poll

and he looked like a mole

then was hit with a bat


Blogging challenge week 4

For the blogging challenge week 4, I chose activity 1, Free Rice. I donated 500 grains of rice. Every grain of rice is donated to humans in hunger. Free Rice is a foundation to donate rice to other country’s. For every question you get right you donate 10 grains of rice. This is a very cool and generous foundation. All the rice is donated through the World Food Program. Visit this link to donate rice Free Rice

One Little word

My one little word 2015 is dare. This is my word because I need to dare to try new things. I never really liked to dare to try new foods but this year I am going to. I wont just do this at home but I will do this everywhere.. I will do this by not thinking about how gross and disgusting it looks but just eating it even if it looks like a bird just threw up. I need to dare to do this because if it does not look or smell good to me it tastes bad to me so I wont eat it. This is important because all junk food looks good but not all veggies look good. If dinner looks bad I will eat as much as a bird, and this can be very unhealthy. this is my word for 2015 and how I will do it.

All about me

 All About Me

Hi my name is Makai I love sports, I play Basketball and lacrosse I like to run and and play tackle football. So I have Two twin siblings that are fifteen one is a boy and one is a girl. My favorite subject is english. Are teacher is awesome she is funny and is really loud and nice, Mrs Smith. She gives us very little homework and lets us read for a long time. I love my iphone 6, It is way better than my old 4s. My favorite books are Holes, and Sugar Ray Leonard the big fight. I also like to play video games on my xbox 360 Like Madden, NBA, and others too. My favorite sports teams are the Lakers, The Bengals, the Cardinals, and the Chargers.